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Your internet site is the centre of your online service, it is the digital depiction of your business whether your company exists in physical form or not. When you are operating online, people can’t interact with you in the physical sense, like they may if they were dealing with an offline business. Therefore, you are being evaluated on your website alone. This is why a good website design cannot be undervalued. A ‘web design company UK’ can really assist in bringing out the best in your business and portraying it in a way that appeals to online customers.

Picture yourself being in charge of an offline business. Would you be happy if the representatives of that business were not presented well, in the way they dressed or interacted with customers? When your personnel dress in a professional manner it gives the impression to your clients that quality is important to you. There is no changing the fact that first impressions count.

Likewise, the same can be said for your internet site. If your site is just thrown together and appears like it’s makeshift, you are essentially screaming at your customers that you are unprofessional and do not appreciate high quality.

On the contrary, if your website looks entirely professional, the layout is streamlined and it really works for the client, you are giving off the impression that you have pride in your products. It comes across that you are professional, prepared, zoned in and actually mean business.

Simultaneously, it is essential that anything pertaining to your business should be developed well. Whether it be your visiting cards, flyers, pamphlets or any other marketing materials, every bit counts. As your business expands these products end up being a representation of your company. Once more consider the badly dressed metaphor above and you realise the importance of presentation.


To perform well online, a website needs to be more than just pretty pictures. Unfortunately, not many clients seem to understand that. They think building a website is just about making the interface look okay, not taking into account that there’s a long list of functionalities that have to be developed. 

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web design company UK 5 guidelines



Let’s now discuss 5 vital guidelines in web site design

With regards to your internet site, additional care needs to be given to all the little details ensuring the site accomplishes all the objectives efficiently. below are the five essential rules to ensure your internet site delivers.

  1. Make sure there is no splash page

    Splash web pages or pop up windows are the very first web pages a customer will encounter upon reaching your site. They typically have a pretty picture with possibly ‘welcome’ or ‘click to enter’ written. They actually serve no purpose whatsoever and browsers are aware of this. You don’t want to give your site visitors a reason to click the back button or to close your site altogether. Let them see the beautiful site you have created without the distraction of a popup window. 

  2. Do not have banner ads on your product or service sites

    Most people these days, have ad blockers installed on search engines to block the banner ads. Rather, offer better web content and incorporate appropriate affiliate links right into your web content, and allow your customers the option to buy into them rather than being pressed to purchase. 

  3. Keep a straightforward and simple layout

    Simplicity is the key, you want to offer a very basic menu to ensure that everyone can scroll on it easily. Avoid complex flash or multiple drop-down menus. If your customers get frustrated and don’t get the answer they were looking for from your site, they will leave.
  4. Always be aware of your users’ site activity

    A good idea is to have a heat map tool on your site. This way you take out the guesswork regarding which pages of the site your visitors are spending most of their time at. That way, you can improve the content and the layout of the site according to your visitors wants. 

  5. Steer clear of auto play videos and audios on your internet site

    Your intention is for your visitor to remain on your website as long as possible, whether they are reading web content or just browsing. Having an auto play video or audio when the visitor lands on your site will only work to distract them and will actually detract from your product or services. If it’s important for you to have this feature, please ensure that the browser has control over it.


Digital Robin can help

There are numerous website design firms in the UK, all competing for your interest. However, not all of them can meet your needs and demands in regards to developing a unique, user-friendly and responsive website which attracts your customers. Before you begin looking for the ideal ‘web design company UK’, you should primarily evaluate your requirements and demands. You should compile a checklist of main objectives you would like your website to meet. Similarly, note down the additional requirements. Have a think about who you are looking to target your products and services.

Digital Robin will offer you an SEO friendly, responsive and premium marketing tools to enable you to expand your company. We are a ‘web design company UK’ that specialises in providing high-quality site design solutions. With our experience and expertise, we can help you achieve your goals. Our team is dedicated to delivering top notch service at affordable prices. If you want to learn more about us, please contact us now.

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